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Friday, March 04, 2005

Not Normally Seen Out My Window

Being on the third floor has advantages - mooching heat from the floor below is one, and another is privacy. No one can see into my windows. Those two factors often lead me lounging about in relatively minimal dress, even in the dead of winter.

The other morning was no exception. I was naked, swathed in a uber-comfy down blanket, cupping a steaming mug of Parkleigh coffee, and watching my Ellen Show. Lo and behold, out my window I see a helmeted man rise into view.

I figured I could either sit still and hope he doesn't see me (a method I learned from dealing with Velociraptors), or run to the other room and grab a sweatshirt. I opted for clothing and grabbed my camera. It is not often I find a man outside my window.

The Happy City Worker was replacing the street lamp cover and must have had an eerie feeling someone was watching him. Right as I steadied my camera - he turned and smiled. What a weird place to make a friendly connection. . .

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