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Thursday, February 10, 2005

What is it about Rochester?

I was born in Rochester, NY, but moved to San Diego when I was three years old. Fast forward a few decades and here I am again in Rochester.

You know that phrase, "flip a wig?" I actually saw it happen when I announced to my parents that I was coming here. They left for a long list of reasons, reasons that they are still hanging on to. But here I am.

People still give me twisted lop-sided stares when they find out where I moved from.

STRANGER: *cleaning out ears* Where did you say you were from?

ME: San Diego.

STRANGER: What made you pick Rochester?

ME: I have family here and I've visited a lot.

STRANGER: Oh. Have you lived through a winter yet?

ME: Yes.

STRANGER: And you're still here?

ME: Apparently.

STRANGER: Are you crazy?

ME: No.

STRANGER: What's so great about Rochester?

ME: *proceeds to list five great things*

STRANGER: *doesn't want to hear it, eyes begin to dart around* OK, well, whatever.

Yeah - so I have found that one of the drawbacks of living in Rochester is that NO ONE LIKES LIVING HERE. Truly, I have found about four people that are happy to be here and don't dream of leaving.

COMING UP: Great things about Rochester


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